How to Close More Deals with Creative Finance








Tired of those incessant calls about subject-to (subto) deals, but unsure of how this approach can truly benefit you and your sellers? We understand that the world of real estate can be challenging, with new trends and techniques constantly emerging. It’s time to turn those calls into opportunities.

Join us for an exclusive and enlightening training event that will not only demystify subject-to transactions but also empower you to harness this innovative method to your advantage. Our training session is a unique opportunity for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of subto deals and arm yourself with the insights, strategies, and tools necessary to excel in today’s competitive market.

    What to Expect

    1. A Deep(ish) Dive into Subto: We will dissect the subject-to process, ensuring you leave with a profound understanding of how it works and why it’s a game-changer for both sellers and real estate professionals.
    2. Strategies That Work: Learn tried-and-true strategies that will enable you to help more sellers and close more deals. Our expert trainers will guide you through every step of the process, from finding subto opportunities to closing the transaction.
    3. Maximize Your Commissions: Discover how subject-to transactions can significantly increase your commissions while offering value and flexibility to your clients. Learn how to negotiate win-win solutions that benefit everyone involved.
    4. Success Stories: Gain inspiration and insight from real-life case studies of agents who have mastered subject-to deals, achieving remarkable results in their careers.

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    Don’t let subto calls become a source of frustration – let them be the gateway to your success. Register for this training today, and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills that can accelerate your growth. It’s time to turn those calls into commissions.